Your seat cushion for pelvic (floor) pain

Like no other seat cushion Carrie relieves you from your pelvic (floor) pain. It is made by two pelvic (floor) physiotherapists and a Dutch family-owned business that is specialized in relieving people from sitting pain. With their expertise combined Carrie offers multiple features to comfortably support your painful backside in a discreet way.

Designed for a large number of backside disabilities

Carrie offers support to anyones backside, but is specifically designed for painful ones. Think about problems concerning the pelvis and its muscles, ligaments, nerves and joints; the genital area; the sitting bones and the tailbone.

  • Two layers of foam with different firmness levels to choose the support you need
  • Two hidden gaps to relief the tailbone and genitals from pressure
  • Inflatable air cushion to alleviate tension from your sitting bones
  • Heathcare fabric that is water repellent, urine proof, anti bacterial and easy to clean

The Benefits

Two firmness levels
Sit on the hard side or the soft side. Get the support you need by flipping the cushion over.

Spare tailbone and genitals
Two hidden gaps relieve the tailbone and genital area from pressure.

Relief sitting bones
An inflatable air cushion alleviates tension from the sitting bones.

Healthcare fabric
The healthcare fabric is water repellent, urine proof, anti bacterial and can easily be cleaned.

What others say about us

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For questions that need an answer from a Pelvic (Floor), or Sitting Specialist we advise you to email us. That will guarantee direct contact with one of our experts.

Is Carrie also for me?

Carrie is made for people with problems concerning the pelvis and its muscles, ligaments, nerves and joints; the genital area; the sitting bones and the tailbone. If you have sitting pain in any of those area’s then Carrie can be the right fit for you. Here is a list of the most common situations:

  • Accidental trauma
  • Pregnant women
  • Women that gave birth
  • Elderly people
  • Sportsmen and -women

Interview by Tailbone Doctor

M.D. Patrick Foye, also known as the Tailbone Doctor, interviewed us at the 2nd International Coccyx Pain Symposium at Dordrecht, the Netherlands, on the 29th of June 2018. This video is not an official endorsement by him, but it shows our enthusiasm and the benefits of the cushion for you 🙂